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Bring the kids. Relax and enjoy!


Now guests and hosts can relax at special occasions with all the children professionally cared for - right on site! 


Enjoy your wedding reception, party, or corporate gathering. Children get their own, expertly supervised, fun domain at your next function - and what to do with all the kids is solved!

Children enjoy creative involvement. Whether it's making puppets, playing with modeling clay, or decorating a magic wand, inclusive fun is the focus.


Bubbles, beanbags, balls, and beads are just a part of the action. Our experienced and licensed staff arrives early to set up the specially designated area, filled with professionally supervised, age-appropriate games, crafts, and quiet activities - everything needed to engage your little guests. 

Infant care and equipment is also available.


The Little Guest was created specifically for special event hosts who want to offer their guests a secure, fun, play area for all the children in attendance.


Inviting us to your big event means that parents and hosts can participate fully in the occasion, assured that the children are safe, entertained, and well cared for. 

Our service also includes personal nannies and babysitters

at your home or hotel.


Our skilled and qualified team can provide custom-designed children's activities for children of all ages

at your event.



Kindergarten Guide

Debbie and her team will provide your little guests with a very memorable experience supervising children at your home, hotel, or special event.


Feel confident leaving your child with our nannies knowing that they have the experience and certifications needed:

  • Licensed and Insured

  • Over 30 years experience

  • Infant-Child CPR/First-Aid

Happy Baby



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